CATERING AND DINING SERVICES – Primary sector of activity


Pioneers of the Group, these two companies specialize in exquisite gastronomy. Through an ancestral gastronomic heritage and values, along with an exceptional ​​ expertise in the art of entertaining, these two entities have been organizing since 1946  remarkably prestigious events in Morocco and internationally by associating the Rahal label with  premium receptions: Royal Ceremonies, government events, Heads of States official visits, weddings, baptisms, family gathering and special events  …), corporate events (business meals, seminars, congresses …), major signatures, product launches and high-end brands ….

MANZEH DIAFA – referenced in the UN Supplier Register

By staying true to its values and high standards, MANZEH DIAFA has provided an exceptional service in all aspects of home-style catering: ethnic, trendy, traditional, international, fast, casual, gastronomic, self-service…..  The high quality of products and services have seduced all of the participants in COP 22 who have expressed their high appreciation and satisfaction. Another very important aspect to be considered is   “The sheer size of the project “, Rahal group alone provided the entire catering for COP22, previously carried out by several caterers with many participants. The success of our company in catering on its own such tremendous event is a guarantee of a powerful logistical and operational capabilities: A single interlocutor, unified resources, one organizer and common values.  RAHAL MAITRE TRAITEUR,  A company that owns the Group’s brands and has patents, licenses, has been able to sign a franchise in 14 African countries, thus benefiting from its know-how, particularly in the field of concessions for restaurant services.