COLLECTIVE CATERING – a Logical sequence of the diversification strategy


The result of a strategic merger in 2006 with the Global Group Newrest present in more than 40 countries around the world, RAHAL Group has confirmed its positioning in new catering businesses through NEWREST RAHAL MOROCCO.

This national company, together with all its subsidiaries, has been able to achieve a measurable successes in few years of activity and development, demonstrating record growth in the market and achieving a turnover of more than 100 million dollars in 2016.

NEWREST RAHAL is currently the leading operator in group catering and concession services to businesses, communities, educational and health institutions. It also operates in the INFLIGHT sector serving the largest airline companies.


RAHAL Group’s portfolio also includes a financial stake in the Catalan SERHS Group, which operates through more than 58 companies, approximately 1,500 shareholders, and operates in the retail, hospitality, tourism,  travel and food management sectors.