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Founded in 1946, group Rahal was able to consolidate experience and mastery in the food industry by developing a set of integrated projects that allowed it to position itself as a leading operator in its field and to acquire an international recognition and notoriety.

Since 2002, the Group’s strategy has been aiming to diversify its field of activity, benefiting from synergies after a consolidation of its core business through a vertical integration of various activities related to catering and food business. This strategic orientation of the Group had as a main objective the promotion and growth of various projects and sectors while enriching the group’s portfolio.

Group RAHAL currently:

– Owns more than 20 companies spreading over 8 strategic areas of activity.
–  Employs over 5,500 people
– is involved in more than 10 trades and businesses

I- Catering and dining services.

II- events

III- Collective catering

IV- Agri-food distribution


VI-Real estate

VII- Finances


welcome 13 septembre 2017